My story

Helping others succeed is what I do best – and what I enjoy the most. Every business owner should expect their business to provide what they want from life and my role is to facilitate this.  It is a particular privilege to help business owners to overcome challenges, make the most of their opportunities, make better decisions, build great business and develop personally.  For me, The Alternative Board provides the best framework for business development and success, which is why I seized the opportunity to launch TAB in Wakefield and Leeds South in 2012.

Why did I join The Alternative Board?

It began with a chance conversation with a friend. Up to this point, my background had encompassed a variety of management, consulting and coaching roles, in both small businesses and large corporate settings. While working with clients to plan their lives from a financial perspective, I found it helped to look at the bigger picture and establish their overall objectives. This could be anything from providing a comfortable lifestyle to growing their business in order to sell it. But I wanted to offer more to my clients and was starting to investigate the options. It turned out my friend was a member of TAB, and when she explained how it worked, I realised that it was a good fit with my own aims. I went to a taster session then met a facilitator for a follow up meeting. It was clear to see how The Alternative Board supported businesses, from 1-2-1 coaching and business owner advice boards, to providing access to a wide range of tools and resources. All of these were options I had considered developing for my own business. By joining TAB as a facilitator, I was able to call on this support – and as a bonus, I already had qualifications in coaching and NLP, giving me a background in behavioural as well as business matters.

Inspiring others to help each other – and themselves

People who work with me have described me as an enthusiastic ideas person, who is good at getting the best out of people, listens without judging, and knows when to challenge and when to offer support. However, I believe that business owners, armed with local business knowledge and real world experience, are truly the experts in business. Participation in TAB Business Owner Advice boards offers great potential to tap into the considerable resource that they can offer each other.

Business help Wakefield & Leeds South – a vibrant region

Wakefield and the surrounding area is enjoying a period of exciting transformation. There is a vibrancy and enthusiasm within the Wakefield business community and I’m enjoying working with local entrepreneurs who have ambitions to see their businesses grow and thrive. TAB members bring a diverse blend of expertise and business experience drawing upon disciplines including manufacturing, construction, sales and marketing, technology, finance, design and legal. They are able to offer support, guidance and fresh insights to their board colleagues on issues as diverse as cash flow, growth, staffing, time management and strategic decision making. By using TAB’s unique approach to bring together local business owners, and by coaching them to achieve their personal and business goals, I hope to promote a culture of positive business success in the region.

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